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A Sensible Solution for Growing Up!


Valet Tagging Service

Valet tagging is our solution for the busy parent who wants to make 

some money off of the outgrown children's toys and clothing they have 

laying around but isn't sure where to start or simply doesn't have 

the time to get everything tagged and ready for the sale.  

Our valet tagging service couples consignors with a proven track record of 

successfully tagging (and selling!) items with those who could use a helping 

hand for a mutually beneficial win-win consignment opportunity.  

Want In?







Mandy F.

Mandy is dependable and hard working mother of a very energetic 4 year old boy and a 6 year old girl.  Mandy is a committee member and has been a part of Team KidSense since 2018.  She is now accepting new and returning valet clients.

Drop Off in Pottstown, PA
OPEN Sunday, February 2nd  - 10AM
FULL Sunday, February 2nd  - 3PM (2082)
FULL Saturday, February 8th  - 10AM
FULL Sunday, February 23rd  - 10AM

Drop Off in Birdsboro, PA 
FULL Sunday, February 8th - 2PM (2472)
FULL Sunday, February 23rd - 2PM

Brittany B.

Brittany is a stay at home mom to 2 handsome little devils with baby #3 on the way.  Brittany is a KidSense committee member with a proven track record of high sales.  She is happily accepting new and returning valet clients... seriously, put her nesting phase to work! 

Drop Off in Pottstown, PA
FULL Sunday, January 19 - 11AM
FULL Sunday, January 19 - 3PM
OPEN Sunday, January 26th  - 11AM
OPEN Sunday, January 26th  - 3PM
FULL Sunday, February 16th  - 11AM
FULL  Sunday, February 16th  - 3PM
FULL Sunday, March 8th  - 11AM
FULL Sunday, March 8th  - 3PM

Christy M.

Christy Morrell has been a part of the KidSense family since 2016, and has holds the title for most sold items for several sale seasons.  She’s married and has two fun loving kids. She has her own up-cycled utensil art company @madebymorrell as well as a house cleaning business. She is accepting new valet clients.

Drop Off in Pottstown, PA

OPEN Sunday, January 26 - 12PM
OPEN Sunday, January 26 - 2PM
OPEN Sunday, February 9th  - 12PM
FULL Sunday, February 9th  - 2PM
FULL Sunday, February 16th  - 12PM
OPEN  Sunday, February 16th  - 2PM

Michelle M.

Michelle is a long time consignor who joined the KidSense Committee after running a non-profit sale in the area.  Michelle is happily married with three children who are growing like weeds.  Michelle is accepting new and returning valet clients. 

Drop off in Douglassville, PA
OPEN Sunday, February 16th  - 12PM
OPEN Sunday, February 16th  - 2PM

Seems too good to be true right?  Still looking for the catch?

There are a few differences between our valet program (where we do it all for you) and our regular (self serve) consignor program.

Difference in Earnings

Valet consignors earn a base of 30% of sales.  (Regular, self-serve consignors earn a base of 60% of sales.)

All valet consignors will automatically get a 10% bump in their earnings if they opt to complete a gig during the event.

Difference in Limits

Valet consignors are limited to of any combination of 3 totes (25 gallon size or smaller), boxes, baskets or 13 gal. kitchen trash bags of clothing. 

Large items and baby gear do not need to be bagged or boxed and will NOT be limited within reason.

Supply Fee

Valet clients will be charged a $10 supply fee upon confirming their drop off appointment.

This fee covers expenses such as ink, paper, tape, pins, tagging barbs, zip ties and hangers.  This fee is given directly to the tagger.

If you want a hands off approach to making some cash off your clutter valet with KidSense might be a just right fit for you!