KidSense Consignment Events

A Sensible Solution for Growing Up!


Selling Virtually with KidSense!


There are NO clothing limits!
Clothing Does NOT need to be on hangers!
You only drop off items that SOLD!
Minimum Item Price is $5.00


PORTAL SHUTDOWN: March 18th at 9pm
Virtual Sales Will Occur: March 18th-20th
Drop Off: During Your IN PERSON sale appointment March 20-22!


How do I enter items? / Where is the Portal?

Enter your items as you normally would for an in person sale, then check the "ready to be sold online" box and add one photo. If the box is checked and you have added a photo your item will automatically go to the sale site during the next load.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR SHOES.  Sellers must enter the EXACT size in the photo or item description in addition to selecting the appropriate show size selector.

Do I need to print tags? All virtually sold items will need a VIRTUAL sales tag.  If you may bring those events to a future in person event if the item doesn't sell we encourage you to tag with regular tags on card stock now - it will save work later. Virtual tags CAN be printed after shut down, as they will only be available online once the event closes.

How do I pack items? Each item will need to have a tag (virtual sale tag) . If you are selling a bundle or something with parts make sure everything is in one bag with the virtual tag on the outside of the bag. 

IMPORTANT PHOTO TIPS. It doesn't matter if the photo is horizontal or vertical, but it must be oriented correctly with the top of the photo at the top when you load it. You do not need to add any words/sizes or information to your photo unless you choose to do so.

What about DISCOUNT? If you mark discount your item will be marked half off during the discount period. You earnings will be off of the selling price.

Per our seller agreement consignors are responsible for checking any items they plan to sell for active recalls. You can easily check your items with the CPSP or at We Make It Safer.


  • Stuffed Animals 
  • Food, Formula & Medication (Even if new and unopened!)
  • Health & Beauty Items (such as shampoo or lotion) that are not factory sealed.
  • Undergarments (Items that are New with Tags / in Original Packaging and Nursing Bras are OK!)
  • Unsafe Items: Beanbag Chairs, Hover Boards, Live Animals & Animal Habitats.
  • Technology Items: Personal Computers, Laptops, Televisions & Outdated Technology. (VHS Tapes & Audio Cassettes are not allowed!)  Movies must be rated G, PG, or PG-13 to be accepted.

To restate the obvious - we NEVER accept stained, ripped, damaged, dirty, incomplete, odoriferous, fur covered/hairy, overly worn or recalled items!



You may bundle items IF they are all the same size.  (For example two tops and two bottoms that are all the same size that mix and match well can be bundled as ONE item with ONE price and ONE tag.) 



  • Dance & Swimwear
  • School Uniform Components
  • Full Length Denim/Blue Jeans & Khaki Dress Pants
  • Pretend & Dress Up Clothing
  • Maternity (all seasons accepted year round)
  • Sweaters & Sweatshirts (must be seasonally appropriate)
  • Cribs (manufactured AFTER 6/28/2011 & not recalled)
  • Croc Style Shoes (must be CLEAN!)

  • Easter & 4th of July Themed Items
  • Life Vests, Pool & Floatation Toys
  • Camisoles, Tank Tops & Sleeveless Shirts
  • Sandals, Flip Flops & Water Shoes
  • Shorts


  • Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas Themed Items
  • Costumes (EXCLUDED from hanging item limits)
  • Sleds, Skis & Ice Skates
  • Heavy Winter Coats & Snow Pants
  • Winter Snow Boots, Hats, Mittens & Gloves
  • Fleece, Flannel & Corduroy Clothing


We DO NOT have hard and fast rules on clothing beyond what we have listed above, meaning that items like vests, short/long sleeves and leggings (when combined with common sense) are welcome year round. We ask that for our spring events clothing be of spring prints/colors and lighter in weight. Likewise in the fall clothing should be fall prints/colors and heavier weight. There is always some cross over of seasons in PA so please use our guidelines and your best judgment when entering items for sale.

QUALITY IS OUR PRIORITY!  All items will be inspected for quality and seasonability.  Items not meeting our standards will NOT be returned AND loose ANY earnings on the item.


We have a consignor support group on Facebook titled "KidSense Consignor Corner".  While we frequently post contests and interact in this group - any important information affecting all consignors will be posted to our website as well as communicated via email.  If you are a CURRENTLY REGISTERED consignor you can request membership to this exclusive closed group.  

Emails with specific details regarding DROP OFF, PICK UP, VOLUNTEER SHIFTS and PORTAL SHUT DOWN are sent to consignors automatically at pre determined intervals.   Please read these emails carefully - even if you have consigned with us before - as they often contain new and important information that you need to know!


Pricing Guidelines

A helpful tool for pricing your items!

Sizing Guidelines 

How to size your items so that they sell!


Still looking for help or guidance?  

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How to Prepare Items

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