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Items that are hung and tagged should look like this...

What does tagged clothing look like? This is it. The hanger should look like a question mark. You can use safety pins or a tagging gun (we have some for purchase) to attach your consignor tags. Items that are to be sold together need to be bundled securely. The tags will indicate your seller information, item information and pricing (which you personally enter using your personal consignor homepage). The barcoding allows for super fast checkouts with data accuracy for consignor reports. Reports are re-loaded for consignors on a continual basis so that you can always peek at how much $$$ you have made.

How to Prepare Pants, Shorts & Skirts for Sale...

In a perfect world you have a true pants hanger. Making sure it is the right size, looks like a question mark and both the front and back of the pants are clipped in. This is a A+. This item tagged and priced at $4.00 & designated that it could go half price.

If we see this your pants looking like this they will get pulled from the sales floor. Here's why. They aren't secure in any way. No one can see them. It looks sloppy and leaves them subject to damage. If you need pins talk to us, we always have some to redistribute. 

Ok, we don't live in a perfect world and you don't have a pant hanger to use. Grab your dry cleaning hanger do NOT bend it. Pin your pants to the TOP! Use appropriate sized pins. Using this hanger method would not decrease value or chance of selling. Use what you have!

A close up of how to securely pin pants/shorts/dressed to a hanger using the TOP part of the hanger (so the item doesn't bunch and slide around on the hanger).

This will NOT sell your pants. They are secure but would you buy them? There is no appeal. They look sloppy. Pinned to the bottom they always slide around as people look through the racks. There is nothing wrong with the item, but someone is going to have to work hard to see that.

You can also modify your own pants hangers. Do you have this type of hanger which is usually too thick for pins?

Simply add two stops of packing tape and then pin the pants through the packing tape to avoid sliding and bunching.

How to Prepare Shoes for Sale...

Start with a CLEAN pair of shoes and the right supplies! Enter your tag as you normally would, print it and have it ready to go.

Zip tie through the shoe and the hole punch. Don't go too tight! If you can zip tie an area that still allows shoes to be tried on without being disconnected.

Cut your tag and fold a piece of clear packing tape over the top center area as seen in this photo.

Don't forget to clip any extra zip tie "tail". Your done! Congrats!!!

Hole punch through the tape and cardstock. The tape will stop tag ripping and getting separated from the shoes themselves.

Lets Talk TAPE...

Tape is essential in item are a few quick tips!

-NEVER EVER tape over KidSense barcodes... this stops us from being able to scan your items and credit you for a sale!

-If regular packing tape may rip stickers, tear paper or ruin the item in some way try using blue painters tape instead.  It helps keep things secure but is not as ruthless as packing tape can be.  (It works GREAT for books!)

-It is very rare that regular scotch tape will hold tags on...use it sparingly.  When items loose tags we can't sell them and pay you!

Tagging Toys...

When tagging toys please make sure the item is clean, that any batteries are functional and that all parts are present.  Secure any/all loose parts (balloon ribbon, packing tape, ziplock bags and zip ties are all great options and they can be found at your local dollar store.)

How Items Are Organized On Racks (at KidSense)