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Frequently Asked Questions...

Is it better to price a little higher and discount or lower the price and not discount?

You should always price so that your items sell! Overpricing an item in anticipation of a half price sale day will only mean it doesn’t sell fast! Price your items to move…you don’t want to bring those items back home! Find a middle ground price and donate. (Did you know some shoppers will pass over items on half price day because they don’t feel like they are “getting a deal” if it isn’t marked half off?)

How do I price my items?

We have created a pricing guideline for our consignors.  You can find that document right here... KIDSENSE PRICING GUIDE

Can you please clarify what bedding I can/can not consign?

Great question!  What we accept and don't accept is based off of PA bedding and upholstery laws.  Here are the guidelines that have been set forth:

  • We DO accept single layer blankets and bedding such as receiving blankets, fleece blankets and sheets. 
  • We DO NOT accept anything with 2 or more layers such as quilts and comforters.
  •  We DO accept sleeping bags (We will need to spray as per PA upholstery and bedding laws.)