KidSense Consignment Events

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PORTAL SHUT DOWN TIME:  The portal will shut down on FRIDAY before event week at 9pm.

MOVE IN MAN SHIFT: The guys have spoken and we have listened, while this shift was typically held on a Saturday, we are moving it to FRIDAY night with PIZZA!  

VALET: Valet is BACK!!!  If you are interested in a "do it all for me" approach to consigning - this is it!

DROP AND GO OFFS: For a small fee consignors will now have the option to simply pull up curb side and let us handle their drop off for them!  Appointments will be limited and are expected to be in high demand.

DROP OFF APPOINTMENT TIMES: Drop off windows have been extended to avoid late appointments and hallway congestion.

INSPECTION GIGS: Consignors who are picking up an inspection gig before their drop off need to ensure that their own drop off shift has an end time of at least ONE HOUR before their gig.

JUNIORS & MATERNITY CLOTHING: We are going to shake it up a little bit and change how we market and display these items.  Instead of hanging by size we are going to hang by item type.  You will see sections for shirts / pants / jackets / dresses etc.  

IMPORTANT SAFETY RECALL: Due to the influx of injuries, recalls and CPSC input we will no long allow or carry inclined sleepers of any make or model.  


WEEKEND DROP OFFS: We have added EVEN MORE weekend drop offs!!!

BEDDING AND BREAST PUMPS: Due to the changes in our drop off times and a review of our sale sell through even though these items have been “banned” before we will now accept up to 2 breast pumps and 2 bedding sets (yes, even the dreaded double layer blankets) from each consignor.

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Gigs are released for consignor selection 90 days prior to our first onsite day at 7:00am.

A complete listing of open gigs can be found on your consignor portal.  

Simply select the one that works best for you!

Ways to Enjoy Unlimited Hanging Items for Spring 2020:

OPTION 1 - Pickup BOTH Thursday night gigs (Meaning 3-9 pm)

OPTION 2 - Pickup BOTH man shift gigs

OPTION 3 - Pickup any four Whatever It Takes and/or Re-Sort gigs

Acceptable Juniors Brands Listing