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For Our Spring 2019 Event


LIMITS: After careful consideration of space, consignor feedback and a review of sell through rates it has been decided to retire our “no limits” shifts at least for the upcoming spring event. We have decided instead make several shifts “increased limits” shifts. If you volunteer during an increased limits shift your hanging clothing limit will be raised from 150 to 500 items (which is higher than what 98% of our consignors actually use!). Please note that these increased limits shifts can’t be combined (meaning you can’t sign up for 2 of them and have a 1,000 item limit).

JUNIORS: Juniors is a bit complicated because it is a grey area. To help clarify we will be providing a list of acceptable juniors brands and sizes. If you have items not on the list please check with us BEFORE you tag. We don’t want anyone wasting time tagging things that will not make it past check-in. As always the goal is SELL THROUGH.

RESORT: The much-loved perks of pizza dinner, first crack at Dollar Dash and early departure if we are done early will remain in place.

PICKUP APPOINTMENTS: Consignors will need a PICKUP appointment. Several options exist:
NEW Saturday night pickup and Sunday morning pickups are options for all.  Select Saturday 7-8pm if you are a resort volunteer and want to pickup after your shift. (If we are done earlier – we will have you pick up earlier!).  Select NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED if you are a “donate all” consignor.

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WEEKEND DROP OFFS: Sunday will feature EIGHT whole hours for your weekend drop off pleasure!!!

GIVING BACK: Our giving back program will STAY! 

NO MORE DETAGGING: The feedback was SO positive – we are keeping the QUICK lines!

HANGERS: We will again be offering a prize for hangers to try and get them into your hot little hands.

BEDDING AND BREAST PUMPS: Due to the changes in our drop off times and a review of our fall sale sell through even though these items have been “banned” before we will now accept up to 2 breast pumps and 2 bedding sets (yes, even the dreaded double layer blankets) from each consignor.

Acceptable Juniors Brands Listing