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Consignor Agreement (SP23)  

All consignors should complete this agreement online via registration or the consignor portal system.

There is no need to print this document.   This is simply a copy for consignor reference.

  • A prepaid registration fee is required upon consignor registration. The consignor registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. Consignor registration is only valid for the singular event, as specified at the top of this agreement. Consignors without any portal activity seven days prior to the advertised portal shut down date may forfeit their registration.
  • Adding your cell number to your consignor account will add you to our consignor texting service. You will receive notifications and reminders about consigning, the schedule & other updates to help you succeed as a seller with us. We will do our best not to bug you or send you messages when you're probably asleep. Read below for the required terms & conditions from our messaging provider.  SMS/MMS Terms & Conditions:By participating, you consent to receive recurring autodialed SMS/MMS promotional messages (up to 10 messages per month). No purchase required. Standard message & data rates may apply. At anytime, you may text the message HELP for help or STOP to unsubscribe.
  • Consignor verifies that they own, and have the full authority to sell all property being consigned. Consignor understands that any attempt to consign items that are not their own personal property will be subject to additional registration fee deductions (ex: sharing one consignor number between friends).
  • Consignor understands there are limitations on items that can be consigned. (Specific event and season limits can be found on our website.) Consignors with inventory in excess of their limits will face possible item rejection at drop off.   KidSense reserves the right to adjust consignor limits in favor of the consignor on an individual basis.
  • Consignor must have and utilize a drop off appointment to participate in the event.  Consignor is responsible for placing all items in the appropriate areas on the sales floor during drop off.  Consignors who just “drop” items and leave without placing them on the sales floor will be inactivated.  Any rejected items left behind during the drop off process will be donated regardless of donation indication on tag.
  • Consignor is responsible for checking the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) recall list and will not attempt to sell any items that have been recalled, unless fully repaired/remedied.   Consignor will not attempt to sell items that are damaged, broken, stained or missing pieces.  Items that expire will only be accepted if the expiration falls six months AFTER the final day of sales during the KidSense event listed above.
  • Consignor is responsible for pricing and tagging each item they are consigning with a printed tag from the KidSense online portal system. Each item brought to the event for sale must have a tag, printed on cardstock, with a readable barcode.  (If items are bundled together, each bundle counts as one item.) When making online inventory changes tags MUST be reprinted!If there are discrepancies between the printed tag and the electronic inventory system, KidSense reserves the right to sell and/or donate the item based on the printed tag or lowest selling price, overriding any online inventory changes. If an item without a tag is found, The KidSense Sale will make every effort to locate its tag or print a new one if it can be located in the online inventory system.  
  • Consignor is able to elect to donate items that don’t sell on an item-by-item basis during item entry. This decision will be noted on consignor tags.  KidSense will not accept hand written changes to this information. Items marked for donation that are found to be damaged or recalled may be disposed of by KidSense if not accepted by donation partners.  KidSense will communicate donation beneficiaries to consignors who opt to donate items.  A report of donated items will be provided for tax purposes and will remain active on the consignor portal for at least 60 days following the event.  Consignor is responsible for printing reports from the portal in a timely manner.
  • KidSense reserves the right to reject any item and to remove it from the sales floor.  Consignors who five percent or more of their inventory items rejected may be excluded from future events. 
  • Consignor understands and agrees that any items NOT marked “donate” must be picked up by the designated pick up time. Items not picked up by the end of the pickup period will become the property of The KidSense Sale.  Consignor agrees that unclaimed items without tags at the end of the pickup period become the property of KidSense.  KidSense reserves the right to donate these items to charity or resell items at a future sale with all proceeds going back to KidSense.  Donated items not marked donate in the online system WILL NOT be included in donation reports and totals.
  • Consignor will receive 60% of their total sale profits.  If consignor participates as a gig worker for (1) shift they will receive 70% of their total sale profits.  If consignor participates as a gig worker for (4) shifts they will receive 75% of their total sale profits. If consignor participates as a gig worker for (6) shifts they will receive 80% of their total sale profits. KidSense reserves the right to increase payment percentages in favor of the consignor for additional duties and/or shifts as assigned.  Volunteers interested in more than three shifts need to be approved in advance by KidSense.  If consignor signs up for a gig shift but does not show up or cancels after the published consignor portal shut down, KidSense will adjust the consignor back to the base 60% rate AND deduct 10% of their total sales for each shift missed unless a replacement is sent or another approved shift is completed. Consignment checks will be issued to consignors within 2 weeks after the sale closes.  Consignor agrees to cash issued consignment check within 90 days of the date of the check.
  • Consignor agrees to hold harmless and make no claim against The KidSense Sale, Sara Dawson (owner), lessors of the space where the sale is held, employees, consignors, or any volunteers participating in the sale,for any damage, theft, or loss of any items consigned. The KidSense Sale will make every effort to prevent such loss.  The consignor ultimately assumes the risks of these events possibly occurring by participating in the sale event. 
  • Consignor agrees to waive any and all claims for personal injury and or damages resulting from participating in the sale from whatever cause against The KidSense Sale, Sara Dawson (owner), lessors of the space where the sale is held, employees, consignors, or any volunteers participating in the sale.
  • Consignors agree to a three-year non-compete clause with KidSense Consignment Events.  Consignor will not open, attempt to open, operate or take over operations of a similar sale or non-profit endeavor within 60 miles of the location of a KidSense sale facility without the written consent of KidSense.  Any attempt to break this clause without prior written consent will result in legal action.  (Sale owners / operators that make themselves known to KidSense and have been in active existence for twelve months or greater are EXEMPT from this non compete clause.)  

I certify that I have read and understand this agreement and agree to all of the terms within.

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