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KidSense is a NATIONAL TOP 10 SALE!!!

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Something BIG is Coming to KidSense

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Starting this fall you will be able to consign (and shop!) ladies clothing, accessories, shoes and purses at KidSense! 

Consignors are now able to consign items that fall into the above listed categories in addition to all of our more traditional children’s items*. There is no additional registration cost to participate in the sale of these new ladies “makes sense” items. Ladies “makes sense” items must be seasonally appropriate as well as pass our usual high quality standards (no rips, no stains, etc.). All clothing must be on hangers. Registered consignors can start entering ladies "makes sense" items for our fall event NOW!

*At this time our valet tagging clients are NOT eligible to consign ladies “makes sense” items.


Please use ONLY the follow categories for ladies “makes sense” items:

  • Accessories: Ladies
  • Clothing: Ladies
  • Purses: Ladies
  • Shoes: Ladies

We hope you are just as excited about this new sensible solution as we are!

Ten Things to Think about When You Got Back More Than You Expected...

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When you return to your favorite consignment sale event for pickup and you find a bigger pile than you expected it is easy to be discouraged…here’s a quick list of things to ponder.

10. How were your items priced? Pricing too high is a sure way to ensure to bring home more than you need to. Pricing guidelines vary by location and even by sale. A few quick pointers – what would you pay for this item, USED? Often consignors are stuck on what they paid new. Remember shoppers are looking for a deal. Take time to look through the prices at your favorite sales. Get a feel for how others are pricing.

9. Did you discount your items? If your sale has a discount day and you didn’t discount your items might stick out as over priced if other consignors discounted. Discounting items is a great way to help combat the possibility that you overpriced. By the discount day shoppers are expecting phenomenal deals – if your item didn’t sell during the full price period it will be more challenging to sell it at full price on during the discount period when shoppers are looking for even better deals.

8. Were your items presented in an attractive manner? Doing things like pinning or clipping your pants to hangers will go much further than just folding them and draping them over a hanger. No one wants to buy a shirt they have to iron or a toy they have to remove pet hair from. The secret sauce that makes consignment sale events so successful is the presentation of items in a visually appealing, retail like manner.

7. Do you have a dog, a cat, a smoker or overly scent your house? Perhaps you just stored those items for six months waiting for the right season and they got a little stale. You can become unaware of smells that you are routinely around...ask a friend. (A big hint here…freshen those cloths with dryer sheets or do a quick Fabreeze spray before you load up!)

6. How in demand are your items? Many sales limit infant clothing because the sell through rates are always lower. (Many moms get these items as gifts and there are many to choose from because they aren’t worn as much as bigger sizes.) Some items become dated quickly – sell those “hot” items sooner rather than later – while you can get more of your investment back! Waiting to sell clothing or toys for years can diminish the value as “newer” or more on trend items have come out.

5. Consider the timing of the event. Some things are out of the control of an event organizer. If there was a freak snowstorm during the week of your favorite spring event chances are the sell through on shorts and swimsuits will be less than normal. Trust me, if sale coordinators could predict or control the weather or other event changing situations – they would! If it was out of their control cut them a break.

4. How much stuff did you bring to begin with? Maybe you are picking up three boxes – which seems like a whole lot compared to everyone else’s pile. Consider that maybe you brought in a lot more than they did! If you brought three minivan loads worth of stuff and got back three boxes – you are probably still doing really good!

3. Most sales track things like the total sale sell through rates as well as individual rates. Ask your sale how your numbers stack up. Put all that data to good use for you! If the sale has a 80% sell through and you have a 40% sell through chances are there is an issue that needs to be addressed. If the sale has a 70% sell through and you have a 88% sell through you probably don’t have an issue with big piles!

2. Did you volunteer? Volunteering is one of the (if not the BEST!) ways to get a feel for the pulse of your sale. You will see what people are buying, you will see the condition and prices of the items that are selling. You will see how hands-on the sale management is. You will have a visual feel for the foot traffic at the event. If you really want to understand what is going on at your sale you need to be present. (Of course most sales have the added perk that you will make more $$$ to!)

1. Your favorite sale doesn’t like seeing your “big pile” any more than you do. Try talking with someone onsite before you leave pickup. Show them what you have left. Most sales will help you figure out solutions so that next time you leave with a lighter load!

-About the Author~ Sara Dawson owns KidSense, a bi-annual children’s consignment sale located in Pottstown, PA and has been an avid consignment sale patron for ten years. Sara has a passion for children, families and great deals!

Ten Things Consignment Sale Owners Wish You Knew???

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Ten Things Consignment Sale Owners Wish You Knew…


10.  Not all consignment sale events are the same. Just like regular retail stores, consignment sales come in many forms. There are small, medium and large events. There are discount sales and high-end boutique sales along with everything in between. Make sure not to judge an entire industry on one event or style of sale. Shop several events – get a feel for what you like!


9.  Most sales have special offers, contests and sometimes they even have coupons. If you haven’t signed up for your favorite sales mailing lists or aren’t following them on Facebook you are probably missing out!


8.  Sale owners can spot the really good consignors easily! Their items are clean, in good working order. They have priced their items to sell. They read sale policies and follow those guidelines and rules. Likewise we can spot those who are on the other end of the spectrum. (A good way for consignors to judge where they fall is to compare their sell through rate to that of the sale as a whole. )


7.  We rely on our volunteers to make the sale run smoothly. If you have signed up to volunteer we are counting on you. If you can’t make your shift please at least try to contact us so that we know what is going on. We probably won’t be able to replace you on short notice, but at least we will not worry about you or waste valuable time trying to contact you.


6.  Word of mouth is precious to sale owners! If you have a favorite sale or two – tell others. If you are a consignor, there is a bonus – more publicity generally equals more foot traffic - which may increase the amount you sell and earn!


5.  Showing up early or late for drop off and pickup appointments makes our jobs immensely harder. Most events are timed down to minute increments. Having too many or two few people at the wrong time is a big issue. We want to present a well run, organized and prepared environment. Following posted timelines and adhering to appointment timeframes goes a long way to helping keep us all on track!


4.  When people complain about registration costs we feel that they don’t understand the costs involved with hosting our events. We have overhead, advertising, equipment, rental, regulatory, and operational expenses to cover. Registration fees defray those costs. (Should registration costs be an issue for you many sales offer barter exchanges for things like meals, office help and photography.)


3.  Yes, we know about online yard sale groups. There are several reasons why we don’t like them – but the biggest one is safety. Consignment sale events offer you protection in that you aren’t meeting complete strangers to carry out transactions. Most of us search our sales for recalled items. (Plus with consignment sales you don’t have to haggle over pricing, take pictures, respond to posts, use up all your gas or ever face the dreaded no shows…;)


2.  We value all our friends and family that shop our events! THANKS! Please don’t be offended if we are crazy busy and don’t have time to stop and chat. Don’t think less of us or question our relationship…we are simply in the midst of a crazy environment being pulled a million directions!


1.  Our “job” as sale owner is more than just a weeklong commitment per sale. There are many behind the scenes things that have to pull together to execute a well-run event. We “work” year round, even though our efforts are only on display for a short period. We are human. We make mistakes and we have feelings. We love to hear your thoughts but want you to understand that we might not be execute every suggestion.



-About the Author~

Sara Dawson owns KidSense, a bi-annual children’s consignment sale located in Pottstown, PA and has been an avid consignment sale patron for eight years. Sara has a passion for children, families and great deals!

Friendly Reminder - Resale Value

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A friendly reminder to save all those new product boxes for greater resale later! (True Story: During our Spring 2015 event we were shocked to see an EMPTY (all be it mint condition) American Girl Doll box...danged if that bad boy didn't sell during our preview party for a whopping $25!)

We Are On A Roll!!!

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Consignors - put on your dancing shoes. Today we tripled our rolling rack inventory. That's four weeks when you drop off our rolling rack to consignor ratio will be 1:2! ‪#‎KidSenseCares‬

Four More Weeks!

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JUST FOUR MORE WEEKS! In four short weeks we will shut down our systems and move in to Sunnybrook. We know that most of you will be tagging something in our last 24 hours (during the spring sale 80% of our inventory was entered in the LAST 24 HOURS!)...but we want to encourage you to get started now so you don't feel overwhelmed later. What are you going to prep or tag today? ‪#‎TaggingTuesday‬

Clarification on Accepted Items

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A few questions have come in asking for clarification on what we carry and don't carry...If you have any other questions that come up let us know, we appreciate the opportunity to clarify!

Pants do not need to be on skirt style hangers, they can be folded over on a regular hanger HOWEVER we see the sell through on these items and we PROMISE that pants and bottoms on skirt style hangers sell WAY better and way faster. You can pin them to a regular hanger or you could say pretty please and we may be able to produce some free pants hangers for you.

We DO accept short sleeve shirts for the fall. We ask that they be a part of a fall set (i.e., long sleeve, short sleeve and jeans combo or PJ set) OR that they are fall related. We realize that seasons can blend together! We just don't want obvious summer things on the floor. (If you have a seashell shirt, save it for summer!)

We DO carry cloth diapers and accessories. They are actually BIG sellers. A statement to the obvious, but we will NOT accept them in poor or seriously stained condition.