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Consignor Guides & Tools

Pricing Guidelines

A helpful tool for pricing your items!

Sizing Guidelines 

How to size your items so that they sell!

Consignor Agreement

A handy reference for all consignors!



  • Stuffed Animals 
  • Food, Formula & Medication (Even if new and unopened!)
  • Health & Beauty Items (such as shampoo or lotion) that are not factory sealed.
  • Undergarments (Items that are New with Tags / in Original Packaging and Nursing Bras are OK!)
  • Unsafe Items: Beanbag Chairs, Hover Boards, Live Animals & Animal Habitats.
  • Technology Items: Personal Computers, Laptops, Televisions & Outdated Technology. (VHS Tapes & Audio Cassettes are not allowed!)
  • Items Prevented By Current PA Bedding Laws: Mattresses, Quilts, Comforters, Pillows and ANY bedding item that has TWO or more layers. (Single layer blankets, mesh style crib bumpers and sleeping bags are OK!)

To restate the obvious - we NEVER accept stained, 

ripped, damaged, dirty, incomplete, odoriferous, 

fur covered/hairy, overly worn or recalled items!



  • Dance & Swimwear
  • School Uniform Components
  • Full Length Denim/Blue Jeans & Khaki Dress Pants
  • Pretend & Dress Up Clothing
  • Maternity (all seasons accepted year round)
  • Sweaters & Sweatshirts (must be seasonally appropriate)
  • Cribs (manufactured AFTER 6/28/2011 & not recalled)
  • Croc Style Shoes (must be CLEAN!)

  • St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July Themed Items
  • Life Vests, Pool & Floatation Toys
  • Camisoles, Tank Tops & Sleeveless Shirts
  • Sandals, Flip Flops & Water Shoes
  • Shorts


  • Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas & Valentine’s Themed Items
  • Costumes (EXCLUDED from hanging item limits)
  • Sleds, Skis & Ice Skates
  • Heavy Winter Coats & Snow Pants
  • Winter Snow Boots, Hats, Mittens & Gloves
  • Fleece, Flannel & Corduroy Clothing


We DO NOT have hard and fast rules on clothing beyond what we have listed above, meaning that items like vests, short/long sleeves and leggings (when combined with common sense) are welcome year round. We ask that for our spring events clothing be of spring prints/colors and lighter in weight. Likewise in the fall clothing should be fall prints/colors and heavier weight. There is always some cross over of seasons in PA so please use our guidelines and your best judgment when entering items for sale.

QUALITY IS OUR PRIORITY!  All items will be inspected for quality and seasonability.  Items not meeting our standards will be returned or donated (based on tag designation). You can always call or send an email if you are unsure!



HANGING ITEMS are defined as ANY consigned item that is presented for sale on hanger, thus using hanging rack space with the one exception of Halloween costumes which are excluded.

Other than our standard HANGING ITEMS limits 

we DO NOT limit how many items you may consign 

unless there has been a previous quality issue! 

KidSense offers a "NO LIMITS" volunteer shift as well

as several opportunities to be"NO LIMITS" consignor 

during each event / season should our limit on hanging

items be an issue for consignors.  




  • Hangers (Wire or Plastic - It Doesn't Matter to Us!)
  • Safety Pins (or OPTIONAL Tagging Gun)
  • Access to a Computer and Printer
  • WHITE Card Stock
  • Clear Packing Tape

  • Ziplock Bags (to contain small pieces and parts)
  • Saran Wrap (clear wrap contains and protects)
  • Balloon Ribbon (to tie things together)
  • Zip Ties (to connect or secure items)
  • Rubber Bands (to bundle clothing items)
  • Blue Painters Tape (this tape doesn't harm items)
  • Lint Roller (because hair is gross...)
  • Febreze (everyone likes things fresh!)



All consignor tags need to be printed on white card stock.

DO NOT print your tags on plain white printer paper.


ALL clothing needs to be brought to the sale on hangers.  If you don't have hangers many stores will happily give you a free supply if they have them to give.  Dollar stores often carry packages of them for sale as well.  When hanging items make sure they look like a question mark (?) as you view the item from the front.

You may securely bundle up to five items with one tag IF they are all the same size.  (For example two tops and two bottoms that are all the same size that mix and match well can be bundled as ONE item with ONE price and ONE tag.)  Items that are bundled only count as ONE item in our systems for the purpose of inventory limits.  We highly recommend that sizes 6+ not be bundled unless they are a set, as we have found items in larger sizes sell better singly.

Pants/Skirts/Shorts need to be hung on pant/skirt style hangers.  They can NOT simply be folded over on a regular hanger.  An alternative to speciality hangers is to pin the waistband to a regular hanger so the item hangs down while being secured and fully visible.

You can use safety pins or a tagging gun to attach your tags to clothing.  These are the only two methods accepted by KidSense for tagging clothing.  Please be careful where you tag, you don't want to ruin your items before it gets to the sale!  (Seams and clothing tags are great places to attach tags!)


  • All Blu-Rays, DVD's and CD’s must be in their original cases.
  • Blue Painters Tape works great for tagging books & puzzles without damaging the item!
  • If you are attaching a tag with tape - do NOT tape over the barcode.  Our scanners won't be able to read the tag meaning that we might not be able to sell your item.
  • Items that rely on battery power to function need WORKING batteries installed so that customers can test the item functionality.   

Per our seller agreement consignors are responsible for checking any items they plan to sell for active recalls. You can easily check your items with the CPSP or at We Make It Safer.


We have a consignor support group on Facebook titled "KidSense Consignor Corner".  While we frequently post contests and interact in this group - any important information affecting all consignors will be posted to our website as well as communicated via email.  If you are a CURRENTLY REGISTERED consignor you can request membership to this exclusive closed group.  

New consignors are AUTOMATICALLY added to our "New Consignor" email series which strives to answer many questions in short, but detailed tid bits.  These emails answer MANY new consignor questions.  (If you are a returning consignor who would like to repeat this series of emails just let us know and we can "restart" you on it!)

Emails with specific details regarding DROP OFF, PICK UP, VOLUNTEER SHIFTS and PORTAL SHUT DOWN are sent to consignors automatically at pre determined intervals.   Please read these emails carefully - even if you have consigned with us before - as they often contain new and important information that you need to know!

Frequently Asked Consignor Questions & Issues

Hangers: Where can I find them FREE (or at least cheap!)

Hangers are usually the biggest challenge for our new consignors, as returning consignors pick them up during and after the sale from us.  If you are looking we suggest Old Navy who tends to give them away free.  The outlet stores have also been known to have a supply - it can't hurt to ask.  You can also try asking friends!  You'd be surprised!  If you can't find them free you can try Liberty Thrift or the dollar store - both places sell them pretty inexpensively. 

Trouble Printing Tags?!

Step One: Try the print as PDF option (instead of HTML).
Step Two: Try using a different browser. (Firefox in particular has been having issues lately...if you can avoid it that would be best.)

Those two steps fix about 95% of the issues.

Step Three: Let us know what is going on so we can help!

(If you haven't tried both HTML and PDF give that a shot...we have both methods since some computers really only like one or the other...)

How the Heck Do I Use a Tagging Gun?!

Check out this great video!

The key is to remember you don't want to damage your items!  Only tag into tags or seems - never ever the front of a garment where you wouldn't want a hole to be - no matter how small!

Reactivated Inventory

Returning consignors who had previously picked up unsold items are welcome to bring those items back for a second sale.  When bringing an item back you must reactivate the tag in our system.  Please keep in mind that should you make any changes to price, discount or donate status you will need to print a new tag for the item.

What if I need more than the half hour for drop off or need more than one trip/vehicle for drop off?

First - big congrats on really cleaning out!  So here's the thing - the drop off appointments are really so that we can kind of show you the ropes, get some paperwork and space everyone out.  Thus, if you need to make a second trip or it takes you a little longer it isn't a big deal.  Don't sweat it.  Just do our routine at your drop off appointment.  We plan for some overages and second trips ;-)

Coats, Swimsuits & Holiday Wear

You do NOT need to separate these items out from regular clothing.  We put all items on our racks together.  The only exception is Halloween costumes and dress up clothing.

Clothing Sizes

If your item has a size range we highly recommend that you size it by the lowest size UNLESS it truly fits like the larger size.  (If you have a 4/5 snowsuit, tag it as a 4 and place it on the rack designated for size 4.)

Shoes: How do I tell if shoes are too worn for consignment?

Would you buy them? Would you be excited to put your children in them right away, without having to wash and scrub them? Shoes with faded treds, worn out laces and stained fabric will not be accepted. Shoes with weak soles will not be accepted. Shoes that are too worn, and/or too grubby will not be accepted.

What is the "Dollar Dash"?

Our Dollar Dash is a donations program that benefits the community.  We "sell" any donate item (once resort is done) for $1 (cash). All the cash is handed directly over to charity. We do not tax sales or keep funds. It is our way of helping those charities that didn't need items but could really use funds.  We open the Dollar Dash at the end of our resort shift as well as during consignor pickup (the Dollar Dash is only open to registered consignors or their authorized pickup persons). Our charitable cause or causes will be made known before Dollar Dash starts. If you wish to participate please remember cash!!! We will of course announce the total and where all donated dollars went in our after sale wrap up email and on our Facebook page. 

What if my clothing fits differently than the indicated tag size?

When you are entering use the size on the label for the tag. (If sizing doesn't match and someone sees it doesn't match it will be pulled while at the sale.)  Then hand write on the tag "Fits like X".  Finally when you put it on the racks at the sale please place it with the size it FITS.

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Fine Needle Tagging Gun Kit


1,000 Fine Needle Barbs


Container of Safety Pins (Used)

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White Card Stock 
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White Card Stock
Perforated: 50 Sheets


Hangers (Used)

FREE to Consignors if Available!